With the warmth of this modern patio heater, featuring a striking laser-cut design lampshade and a (faux) leather strap, your cozy evenings with friends and family will become even more special. This modern and smart design combines the best of both worlds. Perfect for under your canopy or in your luxury party tent, it offers up to 2000 watts of delightful warmth.

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Light intensity
Max. wattage
2000 W

Made to be seen

A combination of cosy warmth and ambiance light

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Extra options:Sunred App (mobile app)
Weight:6,6 KG
Maximum heat range:24 m2
Hot zone:9 m2
Heat element:Halogen Rose Gold Technology
Wattage(s):2000 W

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Discover the SUNRED® Moderna Artix Ultra Hanging Patio Heater

Complete your outdoor space with this patio heater. This advanced and elegant heating device not only provides stylish warmth but also offers five different heat settings for ultimate comfort on your patio. With a power of 2000 Watts and advanced infrared technology, you can enjoy efficient warmth whenever and wherever you want.

Smart Control for Optimal Convenience

Thanks to the handy smartphone app for both Android and iOS devices, you can easily control the patio heater remotely. Adjust the heat settings, set a timer, and even monitor the outdoor temperature for a pleasant outdoor experience. With five different heat settings, you can tailor the warmth precisely to your needs, and the overview page in the app is especially convenient if you have multiple patio heaters installed.

Durability and Convenience

With a lifespan of at least 10,000 expected burning hours, you can enjoy this patio heater for many seasons. The included rain cover provides extra protection against moisture and dust, ensuring your patio heater is always ready for use. Additionally, the height can be easily adjusted with the included chain, and thanks to the IP44 protection, the device is resistant to all weather conditions. With a radiation range of 24 m² and a hot zone of 9 m², this heater provides pleasant heat over a wide area.

High-Quality Construction and Advanced Technology

The patio heater is equipped with a high-quality infrared element and advanced technology for optimal performance and durability. The modern design and sturdy housing make it a favorite in both professional and private settings. Moreover, the patio heater can be easily connected to your home network via WiFi, giving you even more control over your outdoor comfort.

Includes Accessories

The patio heater comes with a protective cover, remote control, leather strap, and can be easily connected to your home network via WiFi. A rain cover is also included to protect the heater from rain and other weather conditions.


Order now and turn your outdoor space into an oasis of warmth and comfort with the SUNRED® Moderna Artix Ultra Hanging Patio Heater!

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Product line


  • Incredible Performance

    Extreme Powerful high efficient Infrared Halogen Rose Gold Technology
  • Instant heat

    Max power in less than a second
  • No bright light

    Low Glare technology for minimal glare and light intensity (250 LUX)
  • Wind doesn't stand a chance

    Extreme short wave infrared technology - warms the body from the inside out